Are We There Yet?

2021 Livestock Care Conference




Join us online at 12:00 PM MST every Tuesday and Thursday in March, starting March 4th!

This year’s theme seems to sum up the shift from 2020 to 2021 and also the attitude towards livestock welfare improvement through the years. The answer, at least to the second viewpoint, is that we’re never there. But what’s happening to keep us moving forward down that road? Improvement for improvement’s sake isn’t the answer, so what is happening as we learn more?

At the virtual Livestock Care Conference 2021, kicking off March 4 and running every Tuesday and Thursday in March, AFAC is proud to bring a variety of speakers and workshops from all corners of the livestock industry and the globe to highlight just how far livestock welfare and practises have come and also to focus in on what’s next.

Featuring speakers on farm animal behavior, regulation practises, and producer strategies, this year’s LCC also features both a producer panel and a media panel. Conference registrants also get free registration for several unique and valued workshops ranging from Emergency Management Planning to Mental Health to the long-awaited Difficult Encounters. Come to every speaker session and workshop, or just attend the ones you’re particularly interested in!


For the finale of our LCC, we’ll wrap with a special piece featuring … well, you. We want to hear your voice and your experience with how this last year has affected you, both challenges and successes.

If you’re a member of the livestock industry  – whether a producer, vet, ag student, ag organization member, processor or even a consumer – and would like to participate, simply click the link below to submit your answers to these three questions: What was a success for you/your organization in 2020? What was a challenge or a struggle? And finally, what are you taking into 2021 to do better?

Please feel free to share this survey with others; we don’t want to miss anyone!