WNFR: Tom Reardon’s Rant & Round Four Draw

I finally got to watch Round Three. I dug it out of the archives in the middle of the night and by golly, it streamed for me.

I’ll concede that Zeke Thurston missed Brutus out, but after that he set his feet and spurred better than anyone else has done this week. The end of Round Three means there has been 45 bronc rides and no one, and I repeat no one, not even from Utah has set their feet and got drag near as good as Zeke did last night. The scary part is I’m not sure the judges even know the difference.

At the buckle presentations, my buddy ‘Goose’ {Ken Rehill} and Keith Marrington were on stage representing Calgary – twice. The Stampede swept the bucking horse buckles as they won both the bares (91.5) and broncs (90.5). Miss Rodeo Canada Alicia Erickson was also introduced on stage last night.

They still haven’t posted the Round Four draw so I’m not sure about re-rides but here’s what I do know; In the bares Manitoba cowboy Orin Larsen has plucked Rude Roommate from Brookman Rodeo’s herd. Richie Champion will strap his riggin’ on Wayne Vold’s 73 True Grit and Texan Tilden Hooper has Wayne’s 838 Mucho Dinero. NFR rookie Leighton Berry will be matched with the Stampede’s A-47 Arbitrator Joe.

Two-time World Champion Saddle Bronc Rider Zeke Thurston is paired with Frontier Rodeo’s Delta Force. Taos Muncy will saddle up Vern McDonald’s 333 Kitty Whistle and Rusty Wright will try Vern’s 00 Double D.

Bull riding Floridian, Clayton Sellars will test Wayne Vold’s 522 Vertigo Spy and Aussie Ky Hamilton has drawn C5s 40 Directors Assistant.

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