Round 8 Draw and Did You See That? – with Tom Reardon

A rank bunch of eliminators today!

In the bares:

Orin Larsen has Beutler & Sons Redigo. That horse was in the re-ride pen earlier.

Aussie Jamie Howlett will try C5’s D39 Make Up Face and speaking of C5 horses, Kaycee Field will strap his riggin’ on 144 Black Eye.

Northcott/Macza’s X81 OLS Tubs Spilled Perfume has drawn Richie Champion.

Calgary bares S-77 Soap Bubbles and X-9 Xplosive Skies have drawn Tanner Aus and Jesse Pope.

In the broncs:

Zeke Thurston will test Beutler & Sons’ Cimarron Jack who dusted Rusty Wright in Round 3.

Lefty Holman will mount Northcott/Macza’s World Champion 242 OLS Tubs Get Smart.

The Calgary Stampede has three broncs out tonight, Jacobs Crawler has T-65 Tiger Warrior’s first trip of the Finals. Taos Muncy has round 3 winner Y-38 Yesterday’s Delivery and maybe Z-92 Zaka Kibitz can help Shorty Garrett out of his slump. Shorty has not been riding up to his standards. In Round 1 he was fouled and roughed up leaving the chute. Then in Round 2 he tore the rigging out of his bronc saddle so that had to be repaired. Things just haven’t meshed for the South Dakota hand but hopefully that changes tonight.

In the Did You See That? department:

In Round 7 Tie-Down specialist Ryan Jarrett’s horse was getting outrun so Ryan tapped his mount on the ribs with his rope and when he restarted his swing it was backwards. No problem… he just roped the speedy calf backhanded and tied him up in 11.4 seconds to remain in the Average hunt. It’s worth looking around for on the internet.