Round 5 Results & Happy Birthday, Mel – with Tom Reardon

12-time Canadian Champion, Mel Coleman
Dec 8, 2020 – Maple Creek, Sask.

Saddle bronc rider Mel Coleman made the cut for the NFR at 18 years of age and celebrated his 19th birthday while competing at the 1974 NFR. He was born on Dec 7 (Pearl Harbour Day) and enjoyed 15 more milestones at the NFR. Mel qualified 16 consecutive years (1974–89).

If my math is correct, this is the big 6-5. The 12-time Canadian Champion now lives in Arizona. I haven’t seen Mel for a few years, but I do know that he still thinks young, we had a good visit on the phone 6 or 8 weeks ago.

Speaking of Bronc Riding: Some media is calling the Wright’s “the greatest bronc riding family in history.” That statement is premature. I did some research. This must be posted now because it could change on Saturday night at the end of the 2020 WNFR. For the record—


World Champion Saddle Bronc Riders by surname:

Etbauer            7

Tibbs               6

Mortensen       6

Wright             5

Reardon          Zilch

Round 5 Canadiana Results:

After watching the gifting and culling that went on in the Bareback riding one of my buddies phoned and said, “I hope some bug shows up in the judge’s locker room (sometimes referred to as the ‘skinning room’) and some of them have to go home.” He’ll remain anonymous for obvious reasons. I’m not sure I’d go that far, but it’s obvious that some of them have been in the good old boy’s club too long, they see what they want and have no conscience.

Defending World Champion Bareback Rider Clayton Biglow was 89 points for the win. Manitoba’s Orin Larsen’s hard luck continued as for the 5th night in a row he was on a chute filler and was awarded 82 points, out of the payoff. Winn Ratliff of Louisiana was riding Northcott-Macza’s 118 OLS Tubs Stevie Knicks pretty good for about six seconds then things fell apart, and he settled for 83 points and no cheque. Utah cowboy, Mason Clements was in survivor mode for most of his 73.5-point trip on two-time World Champion Bareback Horse F13 Virgil from the C5 Rodeo herd.

Matt Reeves winning Rnd 5 riding Cassidy’s multi-award-winning dogging horse, Tyson. Tanner Milan of Cochrane was hazing. PRCA photo by Roseanna Sales.

Curtis Cassidy didn’t win a cheque with his 15-second run, but his World Champion doggin’ horse Tyson made him some good coin when he packed Texan Matt Reeves to a 3.9 to split the win, and Oregon’s Blake Knowles won third with a 4.0. Tyson’s other passenger, Jesse Brown, was one tick from a paycheck. Matt used his own horse for the first couple of rounds, but it wasn’t working, so he asked Curtis if he could ride Tyson. At the buckle ceremony tonight Matt thanked Curtis for mounting him partway through the rodeo and Tanner Milan for a great hazing job.

Clay Smith and Jade Corkill posted a blazing 3.6 to win the Team Roping. World Champion Header Levi Simpson partnered with Colorado’s Shay Carroll to post a 4.7 and collect 5th money. Barrhead, Alberta’s Kolton Schmidt and Texan Hunter Koch are still throwing empty loops, but tomorrow is a different day.

In the classic event two-time champ, Zeke Thurston finished in the crying hole with an 85.5. Season leader Wyatt Casper padded his lead with a first-place 90.5 ride. Wyoming bronc stomper Brody Cress spurred out 89 points on Calgary’s S-83 Special Delivery to split second and third place. Chase Brooks was 84.5 on Calgary’s S-66 Stampede Warrior for no money and Jacobs Crawley failed to start the Stampede’s X-55 Xena Warrior and received a no score.

Okie Hunter Herrin posted a 7.4 for the Tie-Down victory and speaking of mount money, Louisiana’s Shane Hanchey rode Logan Bird’s horse T.J. to a 7.5 for second.

Defending Champion Hailey Tinsel was the first Barrel Racer to eclipse the 17-second mark and ran a 16.92 to leave no doubt.

Colorado Bull Rider Ty Wallace won his second straight round with a 91.5 ride. Stetson Wright extended his lead in the All-Around race with a second place 90 points on Outlaw Buckers 069 Brahma Boots Chrome and Ward Macza’s 15 Sunny made short work of Denton Fugate.

I’ll post the round 6 draw as quick as I can tomorrow.

Watch the WNFR 2020 Round 5 Highlights here!