Round 10 Draw & has the Inquiry Started? – with Tom Reardon

Dec 12, 2020 – Maple Creek, SK

Hold my popcorn while I watch this.

If you have been watching the whole shebang, you’ll remember the lid-lifter — the very first bareback horse out of the chutes. It bucked, and it bucked extremely well, it was ridden and ridden extremely well. The pilot was NFR rookie Chad Rutherford, and he got shafted.

The television commentators couldn’t believe it when the judges came up with 84.5 points for him. They have referenced that ride several times this week. An indication of how far out of whack the judging was is the fact that someone in charge saw fit to hold that horse back nine days, for the Championship Round.

Orin Larsen PRCA photo by Guardipee

That horse was A-91 Agent Lynx from the Calgary Stampede and Inglis, Manitoba bareback rider Orin Larsen has drawn that horse for the last round. Orin won Round 7 with 90 points on Calgary’s Y-92 Yippee Kibbitz. I expect similar results so hold my popcorn while I watch this.

Round 10 Draw:

Vern McDonald’s two-time World Champion Bareback Horse F13 Virgil will put the test on Tanner Aus. Ward Macza’s 118 OLS Tubs Stevie Knicks is matched with Jake Brown.

Two-time World Champion Saddle Bronc Rider Zeke Thurston is matched with past World Champion Saddle Bronc Medicine Woman from the Frontier Rodeo string.

Isaac Diaz has S-66 Stampede Warrior, and Lefty Holman has S-83 Special Delivery. Both of those broncs come from The Calgary Stampede.

Northcott/Macza’s bull 15 Sunny will be out with Brady Portenier aboard, and Outlaw Buckers will supply the bull power for Colten Fritzlan as he tests 069 Brahma Boots Chrome.

Good luck to all.