More from Round One – with Tom Reardon

Dec 3, Maple Creek, Sask

I finally got to watch Round One and saw a Canadian horse I hadn’t mentioned.

Louisiana’s 2013 World Champion Tie-Down roper, Shane Hanchey, competed on Logan Bird’s outstanding white gelding T.J. They posted an 8.9-second run; didn’t place, but no harm done.

Logan, from Nanton, Alta., won the Canadian Tie Down championship in 2017 and his mount, T.J. was voted the Canadian TDR Horse of the Year in 2016 and ’19.

Later in the evening at the buckle ceremonies, we spotted the pride of Manyberries, Alta., Marty Becker, who was onstage for the Team Roping presentation. A young Texan, heeler Paden Bray, introduced Marty as his coach and mentor. Marty was the Canadian TDR Champion in 1998 and Canadian Champion Heeler in 2004. He now lives in Texas.