Cloud’s Legacy: The Wild Stallion Returns

Emmy-award-winning wildlife filmmaker Ginger Kathrens knows how to draw the reader in with her storytelling skills in both writing and photography.

She earned her spurs filming all over the world for outfits ranging from Animal Planet to National Geographic. It was when filming the two-part series on “Year of the Mustang” for Wild America that she became enamoured with the small band that roams the Pryor Mountains of Montana.

This book is the third in the series following the palomino stallion that she nicknamed Cloud. Kathrens photographed the band’s range and their interactions, all without dipping into the Disney-esque trap of anthropomorphising the horses. (Isn’t that a great word? Essentially it means humanising.)

It will take you high and away into the mountains and bring you right into the thick of this band of wild horses, and you will begin to care about their future. It’ll also make you appreciate the outdoor skills Kathrens has to write and photograph not just one, but three books of this calibre.

It’s life, death and everything in between up in the Pryor Mountains. Be sure to visit

Cloud’s Legacy, The Wild Stallion Returns by Ginger Kathrens. Softcover, 160 pages, $24.99CAD. Distributed by Fox Chapel Publishers,