In The Corral ~ Two Horses & One Queen

No parades, no rodeos — what is a rodeo queen to do? Get creative!
Miss Rodeo Canada, Alicia Erickson, has decided to bring her version of a parade to those in seniors’ homes.

“I call it Two Horses, One Queen Parade,” she laughs during a recent interview.

“I have two horses, and I find that one is calmer with the other one alongside,” she explains. “My one horse can do tricks; she can bow, and hug — things like that, so folks always like to see that. And at the seniors’ home, they like to see the different colours of horses; they ask about their names and the history behind them. I love it.”

In mid-May, the Miss Rodeo Canada committee issued a ground-breaking press release, advising that Alicia was asked to extend her reign for another year.

Alicia was explicitly commended for the “unbelievable job she has done to represent as Miss Rodeo Canada in these uncertain times. She has continued to fulfil our mandate, promote our incredible sponsors, rodeos and athletes and has gone above and beyond in her social media posts. Her posts have touched us all in her sincerity, towards our elderly, front line workers, our rodeo fans, our sponsors, our Canadian rodeos, our athletes and our competitors and rodeos to the South. Rodeo truly has no borders.”

As well, it was revealed that to ensure fairness for the Miss Rodeo Canada 2021 contestants, the MRC board is extending the two-year title deadline and the age limit by one year. This will ensure all those that were eligible to compete in 2020 will remain eligible in 2021.

“I’ve always wanted to go down in history for something,” she laughs. “This is a great opportunity, and I’m pretty excited about it.”

Continue to follow Alicia’s journey through Facebook on the “Miss Rodeo Canada” page and the website