Added Age


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The cowboy admired his wife preparing for bed
In a negligee trimmed with lace
He glanced at her reflection
in the mirror and said,
“What’s that smeared on your face?”

She replied with excitement, “It’s a miracle cream,
Younger, it makes me appear.
It smooths my complexion,
makes my hair darker,
My figure is sleeker, my dear.”

After her lengthy preparation,
she crawled into bed
And snuggled up to his side
She said, “This cream softens my skin,
Like years ago as your beautiful bride.”

Now the cowboy examined her over real good,
then said, “My sakes alive,
Your skin makes you look 20, your hair 18,
And your figure only 25.”

His wife blushed, “Oh dear, you’re just trying
to flatter me, I’ll bet.”
The cowboy smiled, “Oh, just wait a minute,
I haven’t added up all those numbers yet.”

“Added Age” is excepted from Horses, Dogs and Wives by Bryce Burnett. The Burnett family have been ranching on their place near Swift Current, Sask., since 1907. Visit