Annual Sundre Parade & Pro Rodeo

Rain or shine, the parade is always well-attended by fans and participants.

Long May Your Big Jib Draw!

Every rodeo parade has its own brand of fans, and the specialness of a small-town event is celebrated even more when it’s a milestone year. That is what is happening in 2019 with the annual parade at Sundre, where they are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Sundre parade and pro rodeo.

Parade organizers from the Sundre Rodeo & Race Assoc., have selected “Night at the Movies” as the theme for the 2019 parade that runs Sat., June 22, following the free pancake breakfast. Pipe bands, floats, hundreds of horses, entertainers and local heroes all take part. As well, the entire Sundre Pro Rodeo Committee has been selected as the Parade Marshalls.

Along with the enthusiastic friends and family, lining the parade route will be a roving band of Newfoundlanders, about 50 strong, who will fly out to attend the event. “They love it, and they come back every year,” says Moe Fahey, one of the parade organizers.

So congratulations to the hard-working pro rodeo and parade crews on your 40th anniversary! And for us non-Newfoundlanders, the translation of “long may your big jib draw” is “May you have good fortune for a long time.” For more, visit