Sons of the Pioneers in Western Canada!

Sons of the Pioneers, from left: Paul Elliot, Tommy Nallie, Dusty Rogers, Chuck Ervin, John Fullerton, Ken Lattimore

Coming to the Canadian West!

Sons of the Pioneers 85th Anniversary Tour

By Tim Lasiuta

For 85 years, the Sons of the Pioneers, or the ‘Sons’, have been part of Hollywood’s Golden Age of Western Musicals and country/western music.

“Dusty Rogers joined the Pioneers in early 2018,” said trail boss Tommy Nallie.  “We had worked with Dusty over the years and when we needed a lead singer, he was the natural choice and as he told me, he wanted to finish what his Dad started.”

Along with Nallie and Rogers, the current Pioneer lineup includes Ken Lattimer, John Fullerton, Paul Elliott and the newest Son, bass player, Chuck Erwin.

“Each musician adds their own talent to the group and these guys love to play the classics,” added Nallie.  “The early Nolan and Tim Spencer songs were so well written, that when we perform the classics, or the ‘forgotten’ songs like “Touch of God’s Hand,” we use the same arrangements that Roy, Bob, Karl, Lloyd, Ken and Hugh did in their performances.  They still touch audiences the same way they always have.”

The 2019 Canadian tour includes at least 11 shows from June 12 to 21, two in Saskatchewan and nine in Alberta from Medicine Hat to Camrose, sponsored in part by Canadian Cowboy Country magazine.

“We love playing in Canada,” said Nallie.  “The fans up here love the music and love the experience.  It is so amazing to see our audience relive the music of their youth.”

Nallie added that the current Pioneer line up is releasing a new album that might be available for the western Canadian tour.

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