RodeoHouston – Heading to the Finals – Plus the Wild Card: The Canadians

Here’s a quick update on the Canadians competing at RodeoHouston, courtesy of Billie-Jean Duff.

Note: RodeoHouston has waved the Mark-Out Rule

Sam Kelts on Calgary Stampede’s Umber Bubbles. Billie-Jean Duff photo. (Pick up man, Gary Rempel, on the palomino.)

Super Series 2 Semifinal qualifiers: 1. Jesse Wright, $5.500; 2. Sam Kelts, $5,250; 3. Hardy Braden, $3,250; 4. Dusty Hausauer, $3,000.

Dawson Hay on Cervi’s Alpha Dog. Billie-Jean Duff photo.

Super Series 3 Semifinal qualifiers: 1. Bradley Harter, $5,000; 2. Dawson Hay, $4,000; 3. (tie) Stetson Wright and Colt Gordan, $3,000.

Canadians out in the Wild Card today (Mar 15):

SW: Tanner Milan, Scott Guenthner

TR: Jeremy Buhler & Kolton Schmidt

BB: Clint Laye, Jake Vold

SB: Zeke Thurston

BR: Wacey Finkbeiner