2018 WNFR – Round 9 – The Canadians


What Happened With the Canadians tonight:


BB:     Orin Larsen placed for the third time in three nights. He was 86.5 pts on Bridwell Pro Rodeo’s Ted to split 4/5 in the round and collect $8,884 to climb back into third place in the world standings. The Friday night cheque gives the four-time WNFR qualifier $75,727 with placings in five rounds in total — a remarkable performance by a man just three weeks removed from meniscus surgery on his left knee.

“To be honest, I’m totally ecstatic with the way the week has gone,” Larsen smiled after the ride. “I wouldn’t have believed this was possible when I was in the hospital and the doctor was telling me we’d have to re-think Las Vegas. I have to give so much of the credit to Sport Medicine.”

Kesler’s nice BB horse, Critical Smile, had a good trip tonight too!

9 4/5 Orin Larsen 86.50 Bridwell Pro Rodeos Ted $8,884.61
9 4/5 Clayton Biglow 86.50 J Bar J Painted Bunny $8,884.61
9 6 Wyatt Denny 85.50 Cervi Championship Rodeo Vitalix William Wallace $4,230.77
9 Shane O’Connell 84.00 Bridwell Pro Rodeos Wild N Blue $0.00
9 Steven Dent 84.00 Kesler Rodeo Critical Smile $0.00

SW:     Canadian Champion steer wrestler Scott Guenthner kept his solid WNFR going as he matched Larsen’s performance with a 4/5 split of his own. After an opening round no-time, Guenthner has placed in six of eight rounds and sits 8th in the aggregate and fourth in the world. Teammate Curtis Cassidy checked in with a 4.7-second run and wound up seventh in the round just one spot out of the money. Cassidy sits second in the World but is well back in the critical aggregate standings.

9 1 Ty Erickson 3.50 $26,230.77
9 2 Blake Mindemann 3.70 $20,730.77
9 3 Jacob Talley 4.00 $15,653.85
9 4/5 Scott Guenthner 4.10     $8,884.61
9 4/5 Tyler Pearson 4.10 $8,884.61
9 6 Nick Guy 4.20 $4,230.77
9   Curtis Cassidy 4.70     $0.00

SB:     Zeke Thurston has placed in eight of nine rounds, the only blemish on his 2018 resume is a buckoff in round four. Sitting third in the aggregate and sixth overall, it will come down to round number ten — exactly as it should be.

Nanton, Alberta’s, Clay Elliott, did not fare as well as his free hand came in contact with his mount, Cowboy Casino from D and H Cattle, at a heart-breaking 7.97 seconds.

“They don’t call this the eliminator pen for no reason,” says Thurston.

Canadian stock had a great round, too. Kesler’s, C5 and Franklin Rodeo stock were all in the money, while Calgary Stampede, Northcott Macza and Big Stone all beat their riders to the punch.

9 1 Zeke Thurston 90.00 Andrews Rodeo Brutus $26,230.77
9 2 Wade Sundell 88.00 Korkow Rodeos Meat Cracker $20,730.77
9 3 Isaac Diaz 85.50 Kesler Rodeo Artificial Colors $15,653.85
9 4 Jacobs Crawley 82.50 C5 Rodeo Curly Bill $11,000.00
9 5 Rusty Wright 82.00 Franklin Rodeo Evening Mist $6,769.23
9 6 CoBurn Bradshaw 79.00 Rafter G Rodeo Assault $4,230.77
9 Joey Sonnier III 78.00 Calgary Stampede Zaka Kibitz $0.00
9 Taos Muncy C Stace Smith Pro Rodeos Mr. Harry $0.00
9 Clay Elliott C Flying Five Rodeo Blue Feather $0.00
9 Jake Wright C Beutler & Son Rodeo Cimarron Jack $0.00
9 Brody Cress C Calgary Stampede Yesterdays Delivery $0.00
9 Sterling Crawley C Northcott Macza Get Smart $0.00
9 Ryder Wright C Rafter G Rodeo Three Belles $0.00
9 Chase Brooks C Big Stone Rodeo Inc. Second Thoughts $0.00
9 Cort Scheer C Diamond G Rodeos Dunn Gone $0.00

LBR:     Canadian Carman Pozzobon of Savona, B.C., ran clean once again (14.17) to maintain her first place ranking in the aggregate.

Ranking Current To Round Contestant Avg Score Avg Place Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Rnd 4 Rnd 5 Rnd 6 Rnd 7 Rnd 8 Rnd 9 Round 10
Score Plc Score Plc Score Plc Score Plc Score Plc Score Plc Score Plc Score Plc Score Plc Score Plc
13 9 Carman Pozzobon 125.78/9 1 14.24 13.81 13.87 13.76 6 14.06 14.10 14.07 13.70 2 14.17