2018 WNFR – Round 7 – The Canadians

What Happened With the Canadians Last Night:


Finally – Orin Larsen Wins a Round!

BB: Our Orin, the cowboy who arguably is the most overlooked BB rider with the most spectacular spur lick in the ’18 WNFR got the go-round buckle – and he has also earned the rep as the toughest man in the contest as he is a mere three weeks off a knee operation which would see most people still on crutches. Even the NFR’s Doc Tandy is impressed.

7 1 Orin Larsen 89.00 Frontier Rodeo Tip Off $26,230.77

SW: It’s either chicken or feathers for Canada’s bulldoggers Scott and Curtis this year. Tonight, it was feathers.

7 5/6 Jacob Talley 3.80 $5,500.00
7   Scott Guenthner 4.30     $0.00
7 Riley Duvall 4.60 $0.00
7 Tanner Brunner 5.10 $0.00
7   Curtis Cassidy 6.10     $0.00

SB: Zeke earned fifth place and two Canadian horses earned their oats.

5 Zeke Thurston 84.50 Frontier Rodeo Miss Ellie $6,769.23
Taos Muncy C Kesler Championship Rodeo Break Away $0.00
Ryder Wright C Vold Rodeo Co. Sun Glow $0.00

LBR: Clean, consistent runs and one cheque so far for our Carman.

7 Carman Pozzobon 14.07 $0.00