Top Stock of the CFR?

One of the more prestigious awards is for the rough stock only – those fantastic animals that carried the human athletes to glory – or defeat.

How is the Top Stock of the CFR chosen?

As it should be, the Top Stock is chosen by the people that know what they are looking at or riding on.

The stock contractors whose animals are in the Bareback competition, for example, each have a vote on the top Bareback horse. Do they only vote for their own horse? Not necessarily. For the most part, these men behind the chutes vote for the horse that had the best showing at the CFR.

The other men that have a vote are the Bareback riders themselves.

For this prestigious award, there is no “fan favourite” vote – and that’s the way it should be. But for a moment put yourself in their position – because, in my humble opinion, there will be no tougher vote than to determine who will be the Bareback Horse of the CFR – Spilled Perfume or Virgil.

Good luck – and may the best horse (and bull) win…