Gardner New All-Around Champion!

2018 Canadian All-Around Champion, Jacob Gardner of Dawson Creek, B.C.

Congratulations to Jacob Gardner of Dawson Creek, B.C., who wrenched the All-Around title out of the grasp of Montanan Luke Gee.

Prior to the start of the CFR, Luke Gee was in the lead for the All-Around race and it looked like it was over, and it was even listed in the program as such – because none of the All-Around contenders had QUALIFIED for the CFR. To give you an idea of what a tough title it is to win, only three cowboys qualified for the All-Around race.

Enter Jacob Gardner, who got the late-night call as an injury replacement in the bull riding of the Big Show. Tonight, in the third round, Gardner had drawn Calgary Stampede’s Night Moves – the Bull of the Year – but a misstep saw the champion go down and plant a horn in the dirt, and Gardner got a re-ride on Duffy Rodeo’s 306 Pig, on which he won third place and enough money to cinch the All-Around title.

In Canada, to win the All-Around Cowboy title, the competitor must earn three cheques in a riding event and three cheques in a timed event during the regular rodeo season. Gardner qualified for the title when he also placed three times in Steer Wrestling.

2018 Canadian All-Around Champion, Jacob Gardner sure has a nice ring to it. Dawson Creek is mighty proud of this young man! Congratulations, Jacob Gardner!