Pick Up Man Gary Rempel Injured

All-time leading CFR pick up man, Gary Rempel, was injured during the first perf of the Canadian Finals Rodeo.

At the risk of being “media” I called Gary’s wife, Jody, at their home in Fort Shaw, Montana, to find out what happened out of camera range.

“I was watching on the live stream and they didn’t show what happened,” she said. “I tried calling anyone I could and finally, Gary called and told me what happened. He had the bronc dallied, took him out to the catch pen and as he sent him on his way, the bronc kicked. A fluke thing – it kicked through his chaps, through his pads and broke the skin. He said, ‘it bled like a stuck pig.’ He told me he hoped it was just a bad stinger, but they’re pretty sure it’s broke.”

This is certainly not Gary’s first time at the rodeo. Just in Finals alone, Gary has picked up at nine NFR’s and 20 CFR’s (well, 19 and 1 perf). That equals 205 performances –  no one is even close to equaling that record – but it just goes to show that even with that much experience, rodeo is still rodeo and bad things can happen to good people.

I passed along our best wishes from everybody in Canadian Cowboy Country.

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