Perf # 2 – 2018 CFR – Behind the Chutes

The “other” twins at the CFR – Jason and Jeff Resch

Gary Rempel update: His leg is officially broken, so the famous pick up man is out for the rest of the CFR.

The very capable Calgary Stampede Ranch manager, Tyler Kraft, stepped in and finished the perf on Gary’s horses, and today the call went out to another highly regarded pick up man who has been to the “big show” before – Jeff Resch. So, now the CFR has two sets of famous twins in the arena – the Manning twins and the Resch twins!

Kane Larsen from Inglis, Man., was “DR” – Doctor Release – due to a groin injury that was reinjured in last night’s bull riding. Kane, along with brothers Orin (BB) and Tyrel (SB) set a record as the first trio of brothers to qualify for the CFR in one year in three different events. Kane is doing physical therapy and if he passes muster by the Sport Medicine team he will be back in the game.

The complete results will be posted as soon as I receive them – but in the meantime:

Performance #2 – Round Leaders
Bareback: Jake Vold – 90.25 points on -C5 Rodeo’s Virgil
Steer wrestling: Clayton Moore: 3.6 seconds
Team roping: Riley Minor/Brady Minor and LeviSimpson/Jeremy Buhler – 4.3 seconds
Saddle bronc: Zeke Thurston – 87.75 points on Calgary Stampede’s Zealous Departure
Tie-down roping: Shane Hanchey – 7.4 seconds on Logan Bird’s TJ)
Barrel racing: Callahan Crossley – 13.823
Bull riding: Wacey Finkbeiner – 87.25 points on Outlaw Buckers’ Panda Haus
Novice & Steer riding:
Novice bareback:
 Mason Helmeczi – 74.5
Novice saddle bronc: Lucas Macza – 74
Steer riding: Carter Sahli – 81.5