In Regina this fall, organizers are presenting Full Contact Jousting at Agribition.

The six-knight tournament involves two men on horses charging at each other on either side of a 180-foot fence, holding 11-foot lances and colliding at 30 miles an hour. The goal is to strike the opponent with the lance to score points and, if possible, to unhorse the opponent.

Full Contact Jousting at Agribition features Shane Adams and the Knights of Valour from History’s Full Metal Jousting TV show. This is not the choreographed stuff you’ll see at a dinner show; this is authentic, competitive, dangerous, full contact jousting; the same blood sport that saw the Count of Montgomery accidentally kill Henry II of France in 1559.

Tickets are required, and they’ll be worth it. Along with the pro rodeo, the Running of the Bulls, Full Contact Jousting and some of the finest cattle around, it’s no surprise that the multi-award-winning Agribition was nominated as the Marquee Event of the Year at the Saskatchewan Tourism Awards of Excellence. Agribition runs Nov 19–24.