Canvas Auction Huge Success

A trusted indicator of the Alberta economy are the numbers reached at the Stampede tarp auction

If the 2018 Calgary Stampede GMC Rangeland Derby Chuckwagon Canvas Auction is a barometer for the economy in Western Canada, it looks like things are on the rebound.

The 2018 Calgary Stampede Chuckwagon Canvas Auction was a tremendous success with the fifth-highest total in the 40-year history of the event, bringing in over $3.2 million. Twelve drivers eclipsed the $100,000.00 mark.

Defending GMC Rangeland Derby Champion Kurt Bensmiller received the high bid of $130,000. The median bid on all 36 wagons was $89,000, up $22,750 from 2017. Thirty-six wagons compete in the Calgary Stampede’s signature event, the Rangeland Derby.

The Stampede says three sets of fathers and sons and three pairs of brothers are to compete at the chuckwagon races this year (and Lord only knows how many cousins).