And Then the Sky Exploded – in Ponteix

Photo courtesy David Poulsen.

Typically, national book launches take place in major Canadian literary centres — Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary or Saskatoon ­­— but not always.

Canadian Cowboy Country contributor, David A. Poulsen’s newest Young Adult/Teen novel, And Then the Sky Exploded was launched in the school gymnasium in Ponteix, Sask., pop. 605.

The non-typical launch site was suggested by school principal, Chad Striker, after setting up a week-long school tour for Poulsen through southwestern Saskatchewan.

Striker suggested that the launch could be scheduled for that evening at the school and the school council turned the launch into an occasion, inviting the local and surrounding communities to a supper, followed by the signing.

Poulsen admitted he didn’t know whether to expect six people or 60 adding, “This was a first for me and I was pretty sure it was a first for Ponteix too.”

Happily, Poulsen underestimated what one small — but very cool — Saskatchewan town could do.

“The launch was not just a hugely successful literary event,” he noted. “It was one of the best ‘writer-days’ of my life. Yes, we sold a whack of books but more importantly, I was overwhelmed by the frie ndship, the kindness and the generosity of the people of Ponteix and neighbouring communities. Chad’s tireless effort along with the hard work of the School Council and so many others in putting on the supper and launch/book signing made this day something I won’t ever forget.”