CFR43-Rempel & Resch: Their Business is Picking Up

logo_v2-smallThere’s an awful lot riding on the shoulders of the pick up men at the CFR.

It’s funny–the average rodeo fan isn’t aware of the duties of their jobs–and besides picking up the bareback and saddle bronc riders, their “real” job is keeping the rodeo running smooth, picking up the bareback and bronc riders, sometimes roping the steers and bulls, clearing the arena in a timely manner, returning the flanks and to always be on guard to save someone’s life–and perhaps Canada’s most famous pick up man is Saskatchewan-born Gary Rempel.

Gary Rempel–In 2009 Gary was honoured at the Calgary Stampede for 25 years in the rodeo arena and at the 2009 CFR, he was named the Cowboy of the Year. In 2013, Gary was inducted into the Ellensburg Rodeo Hall of Fame; in 2014 he was inducted into the Pendleton Roundup and Happy Canyon Hall of Fame. Gary is a Gold Card holder (life member) with the CPRA and PRCA. Multi-award-winning Rempel set another record this year when he was voted in as a pick up man for the CFR for 19th time. This December, he will grace the WNFR arena in Las Vegas for the ninth time-another record.

Watch for Gary’s outstanding horses; the black gelding Herbie in saddle bronc, the beautiful dark palomino Sully in bareback, the strapping buckskin Ritz and the new palomino Brooks.

Gary and his wife Jody live near Fort Shaw, Montana.

Jason Resch of Fort Assiniboine, Alta., began his career in 1994, picking up in rodeo arenas in southern Saskatchewan at the age of 16. Since then, he has picked up at major pro rodeos all across Canada, the U.S., and is one of the perennial pick up men at St. Tite, Que. This is Jason’s sixth time picking up at the CFR.

Watch for Jason’s tremendous horses. Major is a 16-year-old sorrel gelding he uses in the bareback event; Freckles, a 10-year-old roan gelding whose specialty is saddle bronc. In the Novice events he’ll ride Joe, a six-year-old blue roan gelding and Slick, a big sorrel gelding he uses during the bull riding.

Pick up men Gary Rempel and Jason Resch CFR43 Photo by Mike Copeman
Pick up men Gary Rempel and Jason Resch CFR43
Photo by Mike Copeman