CFR43 – Race for the Aggregate


Speculating on who will win the Aggregate race is a lot like predicting the winner at the first face off of the Stanley Cup, or the first kick off of the Grey Cup, but here’s why winning the Aggregate is a BIG DEAL.

Here’s how the scoring for the Aggregate works:

The CFR has six go rounds, but there are seven payoffs for the major events (SB, BB, BR, TDR, SW, LBR, TR)

In rough stock, the Aggregate winner has the highest total score over six rounds. For example, the way it stands today in Bull Riding, Dakota Buttar of Kindersley, SK scored 87-pts in Round One, and 85.75-pts in round Two. His scores are added together and now total 172.75-pts on two bulls. As of today, Dakota Buttar is leading the Aggregate in Bull Riding.

In the timed events, the Aggregate is the lowest accumulated time on six runs. The official times per round are added together. Currently, in the Tie Down Roping, Matt Shiozawa of Idaho is leading with 15.9 sec’s on two calves.

The reason why the Aggregate is a BIG DEAL is because the monetary value pays the same as it pays in a round.

Major Event Payouts

First:                $12,324.47

Second:           $  9,164.35

Third:             $  6,004.23

Fourth:            $  2,844.11

Fifth:               $  1,264.05


The CFR pays down to fifth place in the major events. Theoretically, a contestant could cash seven cheques over six performances in five days.

The CFR earnings, including the Aggregate money, is added to the contestant’s season earnings, and that’s how a Canadian Champion is decided.