CFR43-NSB-KOLBY WANCHUK-There’s No Catching Him…

NSB – Kolby Wanchuk, Sherwood Park, Alta., will be the 2016 Canadian Novice Saddle Bronc Champion

Novice Saddle Bronc rider Kolby Wanchuk is on fire, and while it hasn’t been declared officially, there’s no catching the young cowboy from Sherwood Park, Alta., and he will be the 2016 Novice Saddle Bronc Champion.

“Really? I did not know that,” says a surprised Wanchuk.

His first bronc Nov. 9 was Franklin Rodeo’s Scottish Lass; he scored 78 pts and won Round 1. “She was a little bit bucky,” deadpans Wanchuk. “Just a really cool and fun horse; she’s a bit of work but she’s really nice.”

His second bronc was Outlaw Bucker’s Bright Lights; he scored 75 and won Round 2. “She was a really, really nice horse,” he says. “I’ve been on ‘er before; she’s the one every guy wants to get on every day–she feels like a rocking chair.”

Last night’s bronc, C+ Rodeo’s Unleashed saw Wanchuk score 74.5 pts to win second. “Last night was kind of our eliminator pen, and my horse was a little bit tougher,” he says. “It felt like I was going to get bucked off every jump. She has a different “feel” to her, but she was pretty nice too.”

Today is a double-header of rodeo action. Wanchuk has drawn Outlaw Bucker’s Devils Who in the matinee perf and Calgary Stampede’s Unit Doctor in Round 5.

Kolby Wanchuk is the son of well-known rodeo entertainer, Ricky Ticky Wanchuk.

NSB rider Kolby Wanchuk on C5 Rodeo stock; 2016 Cowtown Pro Rodeo, Maple Creek, SK. Photo courtesy Cowtown Pro Rodeo/Mike Copeman