Calgary Stampede Stock Dog Champ

Milton Scott and his dog, Funn, took home the championship plaque and cheque at 2016 Calgary Stampede.

Congratulations to Milton Scott of Airdrie, Alta., and his dog, Finn, on winning the prestigious Calgary Stampede Stock Dog Championship.

Held July 9-10, Scott won the competition with a time of 1:57, (and a chute time of 1:20) a mere two seconds ahead of second place finisher, Matthew Hadley-Roberts of Valleyview, Alta., and his dog, Glen, who finished with a time of 1:59 (and a chute time of 1:33).

Both third and fourth place of the finals were won by Corey Perry of Drayton Valley, Alta., and his dogs, Mirk and Ruby, respectively.

For those new to the sport, the handler, using only whistle and voice commands, directs the stock dog to guide the sheep through a predetermined pattern and the “chute”—essentially a wing fence alley alongside the arena fence—before driving them to the pen. The time is called when the sheep are in the pen and the gate is closed by the handler. In the event of a tie or when no sheep are penned (which has happened before), then the winner is determined by the chute time.

The competition, which commands entry fees of $300 per dog, was limited to 60 entries, and the top 12 advanced to the championship final round. The winner received $10,000 plus a championship plaque. Milton Scott’s name was added to the bronze trophy which remains in the hands of the Calgary Stampede.