Living Legends: Jim Cammaert

Photo by Deidre Cameron.

He has nodded his head on some of the toughest bareback broncs, gave Farrah Fawcett a wet T shirt and lit up the sky at the Super Bowl. So far, Jim Cammaert has had a pretty interesting life.

The 62-year-old married dad of three daughters and nine grandkids has a matterof- fact way of speaking. It’s a cowboy way of talking and Cammaert comes by it honestly. He was born in Calgary but has spent his life in Rockyford, about 90-km east of the Stampede City. “Our family has deep roots here,” said Cammaert, who noted his granddad left everything behind in Belgium during the 1920s to start a new life in Alberta.

He started riding horses and bulls, winning a few intercollegiate bareback championships in the 1970s, then into amateur rodeo where he won a few more championships.

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