Coming Home: Fiddler Home Ranch

Photography by Darcy Dietrich.

Lush grass, towering trees, rolling hills and a spring pumping out 85-gal a minute — it’s no wonder Fiddler’s ranch used to be part of the 76 Ranch empire that once governed 100,000 acres in Saskatchewan alone.

Located south-west of Swift Current in the beautiful Lac Pelletier Valley, today’s Fiddler ranch was purchased from the widow of one of the original 76 partners by Cecilia’s parents back in ‘51. David and Cecilia (“Cec” to her friends and family) lived just a couple of miles down the road where they ranched and raised their three daughters; Jennifer, Marcia and Krissy. The Fiddlers purchased the home place in 1982 but didn’t move on until 2014 after their children were grown. What prompted the move was their annual trip to Agribition.

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