Quarter Strap Wrap: Slick & Simple

If it serves a purpose and it’s simple, then chances are we’ll try it. This simple but effective idea of the quarter strap wrap solves two potential problems you may experience with your team.

It works well, particularly in fly season, if you have a horse that kicks over a quarter strap while he is tied up, or if you happen to be hauling a team and have trouble with the breeching shifting to one side.

“I saw this a lot of years ago,” says Eric Lawrence, a rancher from south west of Maple Creek, Sask. “It looked like a good idea and I’ve been doing it ever since.”

The quarter strap wrap — it’s slick and simple.

In winter, tying up a team with the quarter straps done up isn’t a problem, but in fly season it’s a handy idea to undo and wrap them around the horse’s leg if they have a tendency to kick over them.
Eric unsnaps the quarter strap from the martingale and wraps it from front to back around Bud’s thigh. The quarter strap is then snapped back onto the end of the breeching ring. Now the quarter strap secures the back end of the harness as well and it won’t shift if the team was going to be hauled.
A close up of the quarter strap wrap. It’s slick and simple. Photography by Terri Mason.