The Women

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I’ve never met a rancher’s wife
Whose toiletries aren’t filled with strife
Cause when they want to take a bath
They have to move the newborn calf

Whose washing machine has quit again
And the clothes are hanging in the rain
I guess that machine just ain’t able
To digest the fencing staple

She must be able to drive a truck
Winch it out when it gets stuck
Grease the tractor and auger the grain
And in the morning, do it all again

It’s nice if she can charm the banker
Ride out that colt who’s a little ranker
And fix a meal for the harvest crew
Who comes in when it’s falling dew

Raise the kids and raise the chickens
And not be too hard on the little dickens
And not have a fit when the land payment’s due
But just count your blessings she’s in love with you

Cause poems are written and songs are sung
About the men and the West they won…
But none of them would be worth a damn
Without the women who gave them a hand.

This poem is excerpted from Mason’s second book of poetry, Living on Cowboy Wages.