CPRA Welcomes Dan Eddy

Dan Eddy, the new General Manager of the CPRA. Photo courtesy of the CPRA.

There is a new set of hands at the wheel this season at the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association Office in Airdrie. The CPRA announced February 18 that their new General Manager will be former Factory Ford driver, Dan Eddy of Halifax, N.S.

“We are so pleased that our number one choice accepted our offer,” said acting General Manager Bob Steadward. “We are very fortunate to find the person who has the qualities that we were looking for.”

Aside from car racing, Eddy’s resume includes past senior manager positions with Irving Oil and Snap-On Tools. Steadward points out that Eddy’s background in business stood out among the heavy stack of GM applications that were addressed to the CPRA .

“If I took out a piece of paper and wrote down all the top qualities that I would look for in a General Manager, he would certainly exceed them. We are very fortunate to find someone of this calibre. My hope now is that the board and the membership, will give him an opportunity to lead.”

After conducting a nationwide search for this position, Steadward explained that he is confident that the CPRA now has a highly capable person ready to take charge of this association. Last September, Steadward began working with the CPRA as a consultant. Within his career, Steadward has held leadership roles within the International and Canadian Olympic Committees, was a founding member of the International Paralympic Committee and has held many presidential seats around rodeo, including Miss Rodeo Canada and Friends of Pro Rodeo. When he came into the CPRA office last fall, his job was to determine how the association could dynamically improve its business capabilities and internal operations.

“A lot of my background has been in business — doing analysis and evaluations of organizations, to help them change their business approach.”

Following the CFR, both the interim General Manager and the Rodeo Administrator, stepped down from their positions and Steadward assumed the role as acting GM. Steadward said his main priority since December, was to find a person capable of leading the CPRA forward.

“The first thing we had to do was put together a nationwide search for our new GM. We had nearly 50 applications to review and we did our interviews after the end of January.“

On Feb. 11, during the CPRA Board Meeting, Steadward’s recommendation for the new GM was approved.

“Now we not only have a full-time manager, but we have a full-time GM with the kind of business management skills that we’ve needed.”

Eddy formally begins operations at the CPRA office on March 16. Steadward said he will assist Eddy into his role and will stay on board until the CPRA Annual General Meeting March 28 in Airdrie, Alta.