Santy’s Red & White Rope

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All the boy could do is stare at the rope hanging there
Off the cowboy’s saddle horn
Stripes of red and white, with the coils all dun up tight
Seemed to glow in the winter morn
The curious boy said, “Where’d you get a lasso with red
It’s a real beauty, Mr. Cowpoke”
“I received a voicemail while I was out on the trail
From Santy, that jolly old bloke.”

His reindeer he couldn’t dispatch, as he couldn’t catch
That slippery Christmas herd
They knew the work ahead, flying round the world, he said
So they would strike was the word
Not even Rudolph would fly, no matter how Santy did try
He couldn’t even get ‘em to come
He needed more than luck, and his rusty old truck
To deliver his loot of doll to drum

So to me he sent word, to help jingle his herd
Along with a magical rope
Soon I was on my way, to help save the day
Straight North at a quick lope
Santy showed me the pen, and asked me; “When
do you think you can heel this bunch?”
I coiled the lasso, and I knew exactly what to do
“It should be done before lunch.”

Well I rode over to Dancer, and the reindeer flew over Prancer
This may be harder than I thought
They’d fly when you throw, landing your loop in the snow
This is not the heeling I’d been taught
Finally I tossed a blocker over my head, with that rope of red
Catching ol’ Donner by the heels
Then it was Blitzen by a toe, this rope now caught every throw
The elves clapped with Christmas zeal

Finally Rudolph had to be snagged, “I’ll do it for Santy,” I bragged
Just then Rudolph took flight
I flew into action, hoping to not end up in traction
Holding my bridle reins tight
A huge horse loop is what I threw, sending it up to the clear blue
Catching him just over the trees
Rudolph was heeled fast, I caught them all at last
Santa was sure to be pleased

Christmas was back on, and soon Santy would be gone
With his team hitched to the sled
I scratched Blitzen’s ear, and hoped I’d be back another year
Santy then spoke and here’s what he said;
“You saved Christmas, Cowboy!” he raved
“So keep that rope of white and red.”
The reindeer were ready to go, so Santy flew over the snow
“Merry Christmas Y’all!” he said.

So I patted the boy’s back and said, “Things were back on track
And that’s how this rope became mine
Santa and the reindeer together again, but I never know when
He’ll need me and this catch twine
So I keep this rope near year after year,
Just waiting for St. Nick to call me
And I think of this tale, whenever I check my voicemail
Or when I find what’s under my tree!”