Another Day in the Saddle

Photo courtesy / georgiamartin
Photo courtesy / georgiamartin

Dashing across Chilcotin plains,
Clasping firmly onto the reins.
Feeling the wind of hot summer air,
Caressing his face and blowing his hair.
Hearing the sound of thundering hooves,
Of herded cattle on the move.
Feeling the rhythm of his mare,
Galloping on without a care.
It was midday and the sun was high,

Up above there was clear blue sky,
He could feel the heat of the afternoon,
He knew the day would come to an end soon,
On and on and on they went,
He could tell that his horse was just about spent.
As he and his horse rode into town,
The orange sun was going down.

After a day of riding, he dismounted,
To sore muscles had it amounted.
As he lay down to sleep and closed his eyes,
He still felt the wind and saw the sky.
That night dreamed dreams of riding,
On open plains and never biding.
Sometimes there’s woe and sometimes there’s joy,
In the day in the life of a B.C. cowboy.

Another Day in the Saddle by Robert Lalonde was one of two winning entries in the 2013 Mike Puhallo Memorial Scholarships. The two $500 scholarships, funded by the B.C. Cowboy Heritage Society and Canadian Cowboy Country magazine are awarded each year to B.C. resident graduating seniors or college students who are enrolled in any post-secondary institution, or will be so, within the year of the competition. The scholarships are presented at the Kamloops Cowboy Festival.