Brazile – Aiming for Calgary’s $100,000

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Trevor Brazile Calgary Stampede
Brazile says one of his idols growing up was his father-in-law, the legendary Super Looper Roy Cooper.

What’s left on this 11-time All Around Champion, 19-time World Champion and PRCA record holder’s resume… Calgary. Trevor Brazile is known as the king of the All Around, and is the known today as the world’s top cowboy. However, heyet to claim the coveted $100,000 at the Calgary Stampede.

“I’ve done a lot of stuff in rodeo, but that is one thing I haven’t done,” says Brazile, while looking out across the back of the chutes in Calgary. “It would be huge.”

Calgary Stampede Trevor Brazile Tuf Cooper
Tuf Cooper and brother Trevor Brazile, claim first and second place in Pool A’s Tie-Down Average.

He says every time he nods his head, he’s in the arena to win. After reaching every goal he has ever set out for himself, Brazile says Calgary would be an one last big title for him to win. It’s not just the money here, Brazile says the prestige that comes with a Stampede win is huge.

“I come up to Ponoka and the Calgary Stampede because they are the biggest the money is great and the fans are great.”

Of course Brazile likes to win and compete at all the big rodeos, but at the end of his career he says that he wants to be known as one of those fair, good hearted cowboys.

This week in Calgary, the champ says it’s all or nothing… and every rodeo to him now is special.

“The only thing that I want to do now, is not take anything fore granted enjoy everything.”