Odysseo in Edmonton – 12 additional shows this summer!

Photo courtesy of www.cavalia.net
Photo courtesy of www.cavalia.net

Odysseo will be riding into Edmonton July 9!

The White Big Top has been raised and we are excited to hear that due to strong ticket sales an addition 12 shows have been added! Extending their stay until August 3rd!

‘….Standing 38 meters tall, Odysseo’s massive White Big Top spans more than 9,910-square-metres – the size of two American football fields – and accommodates a stage bigger than a NHL hockey rink. The impressive stage permits incredible possibilities for large-scale stagings while offering a vast space of freedom where human and horse come to play in complicity.

Following the instant success of the first Cavalia show in 2003, Artistic Director Normand Latourelle began to dream of how to break through the limitations of a big top tent. The main challenge was to open up the performance area. Latourelle knew that such unprecedented flexibility would allow him to showcase more horses and acrobats to create mind-boggling scenes. This involved removing supporting masts from the stage, a common staging issue in tent shows. A specially-designed big top was created in Europe, where the weight of the structure shifted from masts to three arches above the tent….’
– Caption from Odysseo Press Release