World Plowing Championship

Fred McDiarmid of Veteran, Alta., on the lines of his eight-horse field hitch of Percherons. Ted Bruner of Evansburg, Alta., is adjusting the three-bottom gang plow.

The 60th World Plowing Championships held at Olds College hosted 57 competitors from 29 competing countries. The winners of the 60th World Plowing Championship are:

Conventional Champion: Barbara Klaus, Austria; 2nd: Fabien Landre, France; 3rd: Eamonn Tracey, Republic of Ireland. Reversible Champion: John Whelan, Republic of Ireland; 2nd: Margareta Heigl, Austria; 3rd: Thomas Cochrane, Northern Ireland.

A big hit with the more than 11,000 visitors was the horse plowing. The long line teamsters attracted great crowds as they demonstrated walking plows, sulky plows, two-bottom and three-bottom gang plows with field hitched horses, including teams, four across, six (three and three) and an eight-horse hitch (four and four). Breeds represented included Belgian, Clydesdale, Percheron and Suffolk Punch.

Announcer Terri Mason entertained the crowd with facts and fiction about the horses, teamsters and equipment. The teamsters included David Bailey, Madden; Terry Bailey, Calgary area; Dale Befus, Calgary area; Ted Bruner, Evansburg; Dale Charleton, Carstairs; Joe Jeffray, Airdrie; Bob Johnson, Rosemary; Fred McDiarmid, Veteran; George McLean, Edgewater, BC and Tom Wraight, Coronation.