Rafter Six Ranch Closing Gates

Rafter Six Ranch will be closing their gates on January 1, 2014. From everyone at Cowboy Country, we wish Stan, Gloria and the rest of the Rafter Six crew best of luck in their future endeavors. Here is the full press release:

Cowley’s “Passing of the Legends” will become part of its name as of January 1st, 2014. It is with sincere sadness that Cowley’s Rafter Six Ranch Resort as we know it, will be closing.

38 years ago, Stan Cowley – a visionary and entrepreneur, came across the ranch in the Canadian Rockies and realized there was something very special about this ranch and decided it was too nice not to share. Rafter Six is an Alberta family run business, and they have dedicated their entire lives, home, sweat and tears to the sharing and preserving Canada’s historical “cowboy western lifestyle” with the world.

As you may, or may not be aware, Stan and Gloria entered into an agreement with a Calgary resort developer in 2008 to expand Rafter Six Ranch Resort. The resort land and buildings were put into the agreement and the joint venture partner would provide the development expertise and funding. Unfortunately, it was at the beginning of the recession and our joint venture partner went into a form of receivership which left us on our own to swim in the sea of debt that was amassed during the initial stages of the agreement. We have now become a casualty of this event.

Sadly, after being on the losing end of this long struggle, the Ranch will be closing in January and the Cowley’s will be uprooted from their business, home and livelihood shortly after Christmas. This tragic event will leave the Cowley family with just the memories.
…and they say cowboys don’t cry.

The Cowley’s have sincerely done their best to provide a unique, quality service with genuine hospitality to the world for the past 38 years.

Thank you all for being a part of this history. Your respect of their family, ideals, vision and hope for the future will be cherished as they move through this transition.

Millions of people have come to Rafter Six Ranch Resort and stayed, played, married, worked, prayed, made friendships, conquered fears, fallen in love, and made memories of a lifetime…If Rafter Six Ranch Resort has touched your lives, please touch the lives of the ones who have had stewardship over the past four decades.

If we aim high enough, we can continue the legacy and with your help and contributions, the Cowley’s will be able to get back on their feet to start a new life. You can help by donating to help ease legal, moving & storage costs, horse hay, time, kind words… it all helps.

To everyone that has been touched by Rafter Six Ranch and/or the Cowley family, please share your story to be placed on our “Wall of Legends” and showcased for the world to see how we have contributed to your life in some way. We hope the love and passion we have put into Rafter Six Ranch over the years have left a legacy in your heart.

Please share your stories, memories, photographs and prayers and raise awareness on Facebook and other social media. Share this link and lets help the west stay alive!

Email your stories to kateri@raftersix.com

God bless and Happy Trails… Until we meet again.

Source: Rafter Six Ranch