Quarter Century Club!

From left, Wade Rempel, his wife Cindy, behind Cindy is family friend
Alaina Risi, Wade and Cindy’s daughter Bobbi Joe, son Casey and
Keith Marrington on stage at the 101 Calgary Stampede.

Congratulations to renowned pick up man Wade Rempel of Kyle, Sask., who was honoured at the 101 Calgary Stampede for his 25th anniversary of picking up at the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. Rempel bailed off his horse to accept the award and a bronze which he promptly handed off, jumped back on his horse and continued on with his job alongside his brother, Gary Rempel. Gary was also honoured with the same milestone just a couple of years ago.

Said Wade after the performance: “I’d like to thank the Calgary Rodeo committee for the lovely bronze and recognition, as well as a thank you to Winston Bruce for giving me the opportunity 25 years ago to start picking up at the Calgary Stampede.”