Pennsylvania Sweet Potatoes

By Doris Daley

I lived in Pennsylvania for four years back in the 80s. Until then, I had always enjoyed sweet potatoes with the traditional butter/brown sugar/pecan treatment. My Pennsylvania Mennonite friends taught me this recipe and I have been using it ever since.

5 or 6 sweet potatoes

1 cup orange juice

2 tsp grated orange rind

1 tbsp cornstarch

3 tbsp melted butter

1?3 cup white sugar

1?3 cup brown sugar

pinch of salt

Cook the sweet potatoes in their jackets till almost soft (I poke their exteriors and microwave them). Remove skins and cut in quarters or slices. Make a sauce out of everything else. Put everything in a pot and cook over medium heat, stirring, until thick. Pour the sauce over the potatoes, transfer everything to a casserole dish, and bake for 35 minutes at 350°F.