US Business To Turn Glass Clippings Into Cattle Feed

Grass clippings are a major annoyance for homeowners and trash services during the summer, but they may have a new home in cattle rations.

Republic Services, a waste disposal company located in Boise, Idaho, and surrounding areas, is looking at utilizing grass trimmings in a program that would turn the often wasted item into silage.

Pending approval by local city councils, customers of Republic Services would have the option to pay an extra fee of $7.95 per month for their grass clippings to be recycled as cattle feed. The extra subscription fee would also allow customers to make use of another trash bin during the winter months and have a place to dump leaves during the fall.

“We will be depositing grass into a silage pit and it will be packed tightly in a tarp and the grass will go through an anaerobic process like pickling, and after several months the rancher can use it as cattle feed,” says Rachele Klein, a representative for Republic Services.

At the soonest the program could start by July 1.

Source: Drovers Cattle Market

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