She Was My Friend

Cody and Matty
Cody and Matty. Photo courtesy courtesy Dakota “Cody” Rogers-Langman.

Growing up on the farm as a small boy
I remember my mama’s horse was my toy
My mama always said she was part of our family
And she loved that ole mare almost as much as she loved me.

As I grew older I started to see
That ole mare was getting older than me
One night I walked in the barn and found my mama crying.
She looked up at me and said the ole mare is dying

I sat down beside her and just before dawn
That ole mare and good friend of mama’s was gone
As we walked out of that barn on that fateful day
I’ll always remember what my mama had to say

Her name was Matty
And I’ve had her awhile
Through hard times and good times
She always made me smile
She was a good ole mare to the end
She was my friend.


She Was My Friend© was written by Cody, then aged 8, as a student in Marchmont Public School. He is now 15, a tie-down roper and lives with his family in Coldwater, Ontario.