Home is Where the Horse Is

Photos by Don Molyneaux

This stunning Home of the West offered so many beautiful photographs that we just had to share them all!

You can read the whole article in February/March 2013 issue of Canadian Cowboy Country magazine. To subscribe, click here or call Kendra at 1-800-943-7336.


One thought on “Home is Where the Horse Is

  1. This is an amazing place to be… i wish one day i could have the same thing… i had animals all my life in Italy and now in a city, Montreal. I hate cities, i always did, i always will, i was raised on a farm and unfortunately life brought me to the city.. BUT ONE DAY, i swear i will be in the country and will pass the rest of my days there… i have always dreamed to go back to the country… and i hope God will give me the chance to have a piece of land of my own where i can have horses, land and all other farm animals… ONE DAY!

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