#FarmVoices: The Launch of a Movement

It’s no secret that farming is a tough business, and that many who set out in it fail. Farmers feed families throughout the world, then often take a second job to feed their own. It’s a sad, but true, reality for those trying to make it in arguably the most noble of professions, as over 70% of young farmers work more than 40 hours a week off farm to support their operations.

So FarmOn is asking a question: since when did feeding the world become simply a pastime? Nobody would expect a restaurant owner to run his establishment, not even break even and then take a second job in the oilfield, just to make ends meet for his family. But this is exactly what is being expected of farmers.

No more. Farmers feed this entire planet, and it’s time the world paid attention! Today, we are is calling on young farmers to stand up, tell their stories and show people their own farming reality through the Farm Voices project. On April 22, Earth Day, we are hoping to rally farmers into using the power of social media and post a photo and a thought to Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter about their experience as a farmer, attaching the hashtag #FARMVOICES.

Young people have been at the forefront of every great social movement in history. Utilizing the power of social media means that we now have the opportunity to effectively and powerfully speak for our own industry, directly to any sector of society we choose. Too often, we as farmers have sat back and allowed others to have a more powerful voice with the public, rather than stepping up and telling the true story of agriculture. Currently, over 80% of the content found online regarding agriculture is not favourable. With the launch of Farm Voices, we’re hoping to mobilize a movement led by young farmers to create change and positive awareness with consumers.

Source: FarmOn.com

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