Missing Horse in the Lamont Area

For Immediate Release:

I have a HUGE request for help from you all…and I will need your eyes, ears and creative thinking.  Late last night, we received the terrible news that our beloved horse, Lizzy, has gone missing.  She was temporarily boarding [for the purposes of breeding her] with a lovely horse person who lives just north of Elk Island National Park, just outside of Lamont.  We have been searching for almost two days straight, and despite our exhaustion, we are not planning to give up until we find her.  She either escaped from an outdoor pasture [which is highly unlikely, and there is absolutely no sign that this is what happened…no tracks, no hoof prints, no trampled grass, no breaks in the fencing, etc. etc.]…OR, the other possiblity [which is being seriously considered] is that she was stolen.  Our hearts are sick with worry, and we can’t bear the thought of her not being in our arms where we know she is safe.  The entire county and community has been alerted, RCMP have been contacted, wildlife experts, radio stations, etc. etc.] and our search has been extensive and thorough.  But obviously not enough.

We are asking that if you happen to know anyone in the Lamont/Elk Island/Bruderheim area, or beyond [she could be anywhere by now], or have any ideas about how to spread the word about our dear Lizzy, we would SO appreciate it.  Our hearts are broken, and we would do anything for Lizzy’s safe return.  She is our 9 year old daughter’s beloved horse, and has only been with us since April.  I am attaching some photos below, and a description of Lizzy.  Also, some contact information if anyone sees, hears anything, or has any creative ideas.  I’m sure there are other horse lovers out there, and perhaps you may have some contacts in the community.

 My warmest gratitude to you, and wishes for Lizzy’s safe return.

Lynda Thiessen

780 907 9605 or 780 908 3122 [call or text]

you can also contact Caitlin Smith @ 780908 1604 or (780) 922 6483anytime.



name:  Lizzy [Luscious Liz]

breed:  half-arabian/dutch harness horse

age:  8 yearsold

height:  15 hh [hands high]

colour:  chestnut [redish brown] with 4 white socks/stockings & white stripe/blaze on face; long, flowing mane and forelock, also chestnut colour; medium length tail [not full length], same chestnut colour

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