Seabiscuit – The Story, the Hero and the Legend

In Honour of the 100th Anniversary of the Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Jung Society Presents
Seabiscuit – The Story, the Hero and the Legend

A talk by Lyn Cowan, PhD exploring ideas around horse culture and the human spirit


The Calgary Stampede celebrates its Centennial this year.  In keeping with this western heritage tradition, the Calgary Jung Society is hosting an inspiring lecture featuring the horse Seabiscuit – The Story, the Hero and the Legend.  The Calgary Stampede embodies both the Hero, in the form of western cowboy culture, and Legend, in the many celebrated individuals who have been associated with and participated in the Calgary Stampede since its inception in 1912.  The Rangeland Derby founder Guy Weadick, who introduced chuckwagon racing to the Stampede, stands out as a legend in his time.   The Story of Seabiscuit complements the Stampede tradition of racing, horses and the spirit of the west.

This presentation will appeal to anyone who loves horses.  It is for people challenged to do something difficult in life. It is for those who have suffered loss and grief, or who have loved deeply, or want to. Everyone will find something of value in Dr. Lyn Cowan’s presentation and in her retelling of the Seabiscuit story.  “Everyone who has attended this talk has come away deeply moved, with a new sense of the depth of the human spirit”, says Dr. Cowan, who uses film clips from the movie to help illustrate the idea that the Seabiscuit saga is really an ancient myth re-lived in modern times.

Drawing on her training as an analytical psychologist, Lyn Cowan uses the Seabiscuit story as a historical, thrilling and inspiring example of how individuals change — in this case the owner, the trainer and jockeys Red Pollard and George Woolf (both Alberta natives).  After this apparently ordinary horse comes into their lives, they accomplish heroic tasks at great risk.  Though not born heroes, they become empowered to be more loyal to themselves, to each other and to this little horse.  In the retelling, Lyn Cowan brings hope and revitalization to audiences touched by the Seabiscuit story.

“We draw resources necessary for survival, but also for greatness, from the deepest level of the spirit, and this is a timeless story for every single individual in whatever circumstance,” says Cowan.  “As has been the case so often in human history, a horse leads the way and shows us how to experience greatness.”

Lyn Cowan, Ph.D., has been a practicing analytical psychologist since 1980, held a Professorship for ten years in the doctoral program in Clinical Psychology at the Minnesota School for Professional Psychology of Argosy University, and taught for two years at the C.G. Jung Center of Houston, Texas. She lectures frequently in the United States and internationally and is the author of three books. Her passion for horseracing began when she was eleven and continues unabated.

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