Cecil Cravens/Ian Tyson


A Western Legacy

Cecil Cravens

When we’re driving to an event somewhere in the West, Billie and I take along a stack of recent CD submissions and listen to them during the trip. When we put Cecil Craven’s A Western Legacy in the player, the first track was so good we had to hit replay.

Pushin’ Horns to Kansas is an easy ridin’ pure western swing song with twin fiddles, pedal steel,
great guitar picking and soothing, lilting vocals. We wound up playing the whole CD several times
during the trip.

Cecil’s deep velvet baritone voice reminds me a little bit of Dick Goodman of that great group The Reinsmen. His original compositions come across like western classics: One More Day, Sing Me a Story and Special Heroes are terrific. Mixed in with several Bob Nolan classics are some great parody songs like Has Anybody Seen My Cow and Low Little Doggies. (Sounds to me like the melody from Glow Worm by the Mills Brothers, but that’s probably way before your time.)

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Saddle Bronc Girl

Ian Tyson

Ian Tyson’s new single release Saddle Bronc Girl is the kind of song that runs through your mind for days
after you hear it.

The melody, captivating in its toe-tapping simplicity, is the vehicle for an even more captivating story.
Kaila Mussell is the first cowgirl to ever ride saddle broncs on the pro rodeo circuit in North America.

Ian had been interested in Kaila’s story for some time, and in May he drove out to B.C. to meet her. The
song was written shortly after the visit and recorded later in the year at Center of The Universe studio in
Nanton, Alta.

Ian told me it was a challenge to write the song, but then somehow, it just fell into place.
His musicians really liked it, but how did Kaila like it? She says anyone who knows her well tears
up when they hear the song. That’s how it reflects the challenges and triumphs she’s endured since
going pro in 2003.

At 33, Kaila is contemplating another pro rodeo season. If the song takes off the way it has the potential to, it might be hard for her not to hit the road for another season.

Download the song from iTunes.