If The Crown Fits

Hello dear readers! I apologize for the delay in getting this latest article up. It has been a crazy ride this summer! Between competing for the title of Miss Rodeo Barrhead and barrel racing, my “free time” after work has not been all that free! Autumn is here now though and rodeo season is over until next spring, allowing me a much-needed chance to stay home and catch up on all of the priorities that fell to the wayside during the summer. One of which, was writing this article! Well, here it is at last and with all of the goings on this summer I have a lot to tell!

First and foremost is the queen contest. When I was a little girl I remember attending the Canadian Finals Rodeo with my parents in Edmonton, Alberta, and watching in awe as the pretty queens all rode in the rodeo and waved to the crowd. With their beautiful hair, clothing, jewelry and smiles, they were a sight to behold. I later met a few of the reigning Miss Rodeo Canada’s and was completely enamored by their kind words and generous smiles. My mother told me that she had run for the very first MRC (Miss Rodeo Canada) competition.  She had run with the first MRC Sis Bjarnson, who happened to be the mother of a lady I had befriended at a barrel racing clinic a few years before. I realized that I had known quite a few royalty and admired them all for their poise, class and confidence. After much deliberation I decided I wanted to run for a crown – the only question left was where?

Because I had no experience in queening, public speaking or judged riding I wanted to start somewhere I felt confident I could learn and enjoy the process. For me that meant a pro rodeo was out of the question. I had began to forget the whole idea when a friend introduced me to Brenda Fitzgerald, a talented custom shirt maker and equine therapist who also happened to be the coordinator for Barrhead’s queen contest. I asked Brenda about the contest and we exchanged information. I then began the application process.

I filled out a written application telling about myself and my experiences with horses and rodeo and why it was that I wanted to run for the title. This last question took me a few minutes to answer, why did I want to do this? I had always admired past queens but what made me think I could do this? I realized that more than anything I love rodeo and I felt that as a rodeo queen I could represent the sport I love in a positive way. Regardless of the outcome of the contest it would be a great experience and hopefully I could have some fun along the way! So I sent off my application and crossed my fingers!

I am excited to continue telling you about my adventures throughout the contest and hope you will check back on Monday October 24th for the latest installment. I will tell you about the public speaking portion of the contest and the excitement of the first judged portion of the competition. Until then take care!

From left to right: Miss Rodeo Barrhead Princess 2010 Shey Stein, Miss Rodeo Barrhead Amy Foisy,  with contestants: Sarah Ransom, Jasmine Deib and Tayler Melin at Barrhead Rodeo 2011