My Point of View October 2011

Table of Contents

Stan Jacobs

Douglas Lake Ranch is home to 20,000 head of cattle, 300 horses, many top cowboys
and Living Legend cow boss, Stan Jacobs

Modern-Day Wild West Show

Canada’s oldest running Wild West Show is the family business of the 4B Ranch and is now in its fourth generation

Rollin’ Down the River

Western fashions and Rodeo Royalty all on the deck of the iconic Edmonton Queen riverboat!

Christmas Time’s A Comin’

Gift ideas for you and you and you?—?and the cowpokes in your life!

Top Tips on Fitting Harness

Safety and comfort is paramount for an ideal working team

Jason Aldean

He’s hotter ’n a two-dollar pistol on the music charts; find out the real story behind the man

Old Friends

On deck of the Edmonton Queen paddle wheeler during our fashion shoot. From left: magazine designer Zuzana Benesova, 2011 Miss Rodeo Canada Kezia Morrison, 2011 Miss Rodeo Canada Princess Kirsten Braumandl, editor Terri Mason, asistant Iona Copeman and photographer Mike Copeman.

Early fall is my favourite time of year. We’ve had frost; which makes for nice riding, the hay is in the stack yard and events I look forward to every year, the West Block roundup and the CFR, are just around the corner. Both are prime visiting times for old friends and friends-I-haven’t-met-yet and I look forward to both all year long.

One new friend I made this year is young country superstar Jason Aldean. I’ve written an article about our conversation and if you visit our website you can watch the interview. He was great fun, enthusiastic and I wish him continued success.

I’ve always considered a person’s reputation their most valuable asset and our Living Legend has a stellar one. Stan Jacobs’ rep was earned by his keen eye for cattle and pasture management and both have enhanced the lands and legend of the Douglas Lake Ranch. When Stan starts talking grass or cattle it’s wise to listen; I guarantee you’ll learn something.

Our Trailblazer is Peter Welsh, an entrepreneur whose savvy horse buying and promotional skills gave birth to a storied Wild West show. Take a look at his line-up of bucking horses and cowboys, then envision being in the stands for one of his rodeos. Today, the iconic Wild West show is alive and well and thriving in Ontario. Welcome to the Bishop’s 4B Ranch, a family of stunt riding, knife throwing, bullwhip snapping trick ropers that are seen on the big stages, television and silver screen.

With winter choring just around the corner, I asked my friend, long-line teamster Fred McDiarmid to write an article on how to fit harness, bridles and collars on a team. He’s absolutely right when he says the two most important aspects of driving are comfort and safety. His tips can possibly save you from a wreck?—?or even save your life.

In the magazine, but not in real life, we’re saying goodbye to our good friend and my neighbour, Ben Crane. Famed for his award-winning cartoons, Ben is equally talented as a musician and it’s the books and music trail he’s heading out on now, and of course he’ll continue to have great success.

While you’re up in the capital for the CFR check out our terrific guide to all things fun and delicious in Edmonton and, before heading out for some shopping, take a swing through both our Christmas Gift Guide plus our fashion photo essay that was shot on the Edmonton Queen; and be sure to stop by our booth in the trade show at the CFR for a visit and renew your subscription!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and I especially want to send out a special thanks to my old friends?—?and my new friends?—?that invite me to and keep me posted on ‘all the doin’s’?—?from ranch rodeo to rising stars here in Canadian Cowboy Country.