Can Children Ride an ATV Safely?


When it comes to kids and ATVs, researchers say the evidence is clear: children and youth do not have what it takes to ride safely.
“Children have less strength, control, coordination and judgment than adults which ultimately translates to a higher risk of injury and death on ATVs,” says Kathy Belton, associate director of the Alberta Centre for Injury Control & Research.

People younger than 16 years of age have a substantially greater risk of injury than someone over 16. Between 2002 and 2009, 17 Albertans under 16 years of age died in ATV-related incidents.

“First time buyers sometimes don’t understand how big and powerful ATVs are,” says Brent Hodgson, president of the Alberta Off-Highway Vehicle Association. “They could become informed by attending one of our ATV safety presentations or going to our website at for factual nformation before buying the right-sized ATV for their kids.”

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One thought on “Can Children Ride an ATV Safely?

  1. I completely agree with this article… Children do not have the responsibility to safely ride ATVs. When you’re younger than 16 you have the notion of being invincible, and no regard for your safety or others safety. There have been so many deaths that could have easily been prevented.

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