2011 WPCA Qualification Run-Off – Strathmore, AB


September 8, 2011 –  
The annual WPCA Qualification Run-Off will kicked off Thursday night in Strathmore, Alberta. Temperature was 27°C under clear skies, track conditions were outstanding, and Logan Gorst opened up the event with the top time of the day with a run of 1:14.37.

Coming off barrel number 1 in heat 5, Logan Gorst, driving the Blackjack Livestock Co. outfit, was the best on the night by just 7 one-hundreds of a second over his father Gary Gorst who placed second from barrel 2 in the same heat. Dave Galloway, Chad Fike and Ross Knight made out the top five on opening night.
The top 30 wagons from the 2011 World Standings automatically qualify for the 2012 WPCA Dodge Pro Tour. All other wagons who would like to earn the privilege to compete on the 2012 WPCA Dodge Pro Tour must do so through the qualification run-off. This year’s Qualification Run-Off will feature ten wagons competing for five spots on the 2012 Dodge Pro Tour.

Day 2 of the WPCA Qualification Run-Off from Strathmore will go Friday afternoon at 2:00pm.

Billy Melville
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Rank Driver Sponsor Total
1 Logan Gorst Blackjack Livestock Co. 10
2 Gary Gorst Talisman Energy Inc. 9
3 Dave Galloway CSI Canada Safety 8
4 Chad Fike Half Dime Inspections 7
5 Ross Knight The Kidz Wagon 6
6 Chance Bensmiller Xtreme Oilfield Technology 5
7 Jason Johnstone Pidherney’s From Start To Finish 4
8 Roger Moore Dene-COR Construction Ltd. 3
9 Brian Mayan pure life environmental 2
10 Elton Magee Rubber Rock Resources Ltd. 1
 Top 5 Qualify for 2012 WPCA Dodge Pro Tour. Ties are broken by aggregate time