July 15 – Day 8 – 2011 Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby Championship

It was a fantastic day 8 at the Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby with just a few clouds, 21°C, and excellent racetrack conditions. The Calgary Stampede aggregate was on the line, and it was the last night for the drivers to try and get into the top eight for “Semi Final Saturday.”  When the night wrapped up, Reg Johnstone, driving the ATB Financial outfit, and along with outriders Chance Flad and Doug Thomson, who took home the Richard Cosgrave Memorial Trophy – symbolic of the Calgary Stampede Aggregate Championship after posting the best 8 day aggregate time of 10:27.69. It’s the first time Johnstone has won the Calgary Aggregate title.

In addition to Johnstone, Kelly Sutherland, Rick Fraser, Obrey Motowylo, Kurt Bensmiller, Chad Harden, Vern Nolin and Jerry Bremner will be the other semi finalists gunning to get into Sunday’s winner take all championship final heat. Four-time Calgary Stampede champion Hugh Sinclair ended up in 9th place overall and just missed qualifying for the semi final round by 24 one-hundreds of a second. Seven of the eight drivers are from the World Professional Chuckwagon Association with Vern Nolin being the lone driver from the Canadian Professional Chuckwagon Association. All eight semi-finalists receive an automatic invitation to the 2012 Calgary Stampede – the 100th anniversary of the first Calgary Stampede.

As far as the day results are concerned, top time went to Kirk Sutherland followed by Chad Harden, Wayne Knight, Vern Nolin and Roger Moore.

The top 4 times from heats 8 and 9 after Saturday’s run on July 16 will go into the sudden death championship final heat. The winner of the final heat will be declared the 2011 Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby Champion.

Day 9 from the Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby can be heard live Saturday, July 16, 2011 on Classic Country AM1060 out of Calgary, 890AM CJDC out of Dawson Creek, 99.7 FM The Wolf out of Bonnyville and 96.5 CKFM out of Olds.

Billy Melville
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Reg Johnstone – Driver
Chance Flad and Doug Thomson – Outriders
Day 8 Results  
Rank Driver Sponsor Total Time
1 Kirk Sutherland Bonnett’s Energy Services Trust 1:16.08
2 Chad Harden Crow Enterprises 1:16.67
3 Wayne Knight Express Employment Professionals 1:16.79
4 Vern Nolin Norton Rose 1:17.30
5 Roger Moore The Legends & Lynx Brand Fence Products 1:17.31
6 Rae Croteau Jr. Ranchman’s Cookhouse/TOMCO Group/Nabors Canada 1:17.35
7 Kelly Sutherland YaYa Calgary.com 1:17.38
8 Luke Tournier The Roadhouse proud supporter of The Friends of Heritage Park 1:17.43
9 Reg Johnstone ATB Financial 1:17.49
10 Kurt Bensmiller International Eco Fuel Saver 1:17.54